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Image by Maryna Bohucharska
A pop up digital village for building equitable, collaborative, distributed organisations 

Doing Better Work Together is an online learning and collaboration event for organisational innovators. 

30+ sessions running all timezones
28 November - 2 December

Running healthy impactful organisations in today’s world is hard...

How do we do setup our organisation to do meaningfully distributed governance? 

How we work deeply affects our quality of life, sense of purpose and potential to create positive impact. At Doing Better Work Together we will explore and experience tools and methods for transforming how we work together.

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This event will be a unique opportunity to connect and learn with people transforming how we work together.

A wide range of online sessions to suit all learning and engagement styles.

Learn Alongside Practitioners

Learn best practices from innovators at the frontiers of collaboration and organisation building.

Meet New Friends and Collaborators.

Join fun, friendly connection sessions to meet like-minds and new friends from across the world.

Make Sense. Reflect and Integrate.

Unpack big ideas, harvest learnings and make implementation plans in facilitated reflection sessions.

A global network of innovators sharing big ideas and best practices

Short talks, deep dive conversations, interactive workshops and connection sessions.

Build an experience that works for you.

Flexible to your schedule

Pick and choose your way through the sessions that inspire you most. Or clear your schedule and dive into a full week!

Asynchronous work in action

Watch recordings, browse resources, reflect and engage on the network connection platform.

Bring your squad

Make the most of the event as a team with prompts and resources for learning together. Bring your pod / crew / team / squad!

Are you building or supporting organisations to be fairer, flatter, and more effective?

This event is for you.

Networks & communities

Growing networked organisations and  communities with distributed power.

Remote first teams

Building high growth remote first, teams and borderless organisations.

Co-ops & collectives

Working in equitable co-operative structures designed to serve the collective. 

Teal organising

Enabling self managing teams and organisations around an evolutionary purpose.

DAOs & web 3 eco-systems

Using emerging technology to build decentralised systems and organisations.

Image by Shubham Shrivastava

All tickets also include 1 month access to our network connection platform.


Supporting organisations

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